Sunday, June 6, 2010

What kind of Person Are YOU?

I was walking out of the Dollar Store last week when I came across a penny on the ground. I bent over and looked to see if it was heads up or heads down and then I picked it up and put it in my pocket. What kind of a person are you? If this had been you, would you bend over and pick up the penny or would you just keep walking and let the next passerby pick it up?

I began thinking about this the last few days after reading a post in the forums section at Peoplestring. Basically the post was from a guy who was disappointed with his Peoplestring earnings for the month. He felt he had put in a good effort and was not rewarded for his work. So as I sat there thinking about a response to his post, I thought of the penny on the street which I picked up. Every time I see a penny on the street, I do pick it up. Why do some people pick up the pennies and some people just pass them on by?

When I was just a kid, I remember going to the store with my Mom and getting some candy. I had 3 pennies left as change and when I went outside of the store I threw them up in the air and they bounced on the pavement. My Mom promptly made me go around and chase them down. Then she explained to me the value of a penny. It was not just the worth it had today but the worth it will have tomorrow. Plus, she explained, if I keep adding pennies to the pile, then I will eventually have a substantial amount of money. I guess this is a lesson I have never forgotten.

So, while I understand the frustration of not making a substantial amount of money quickly, I, also, understand the value of collecting small amounts of money today. At Peoplestring, when you join you are able to make small amounts of money today. What Peoplestring is really about is helping the average person find the pennies on the street. It is FREE money and Peoplestring has found it for you. Plus, if you put in an effort and build your People String, then you will be rewarded with larger amounts of money in the future. So, my questions is this: What kind of person are you? Will you pick up the penny or leave it on the ground?

Join me at Peoplestring. I am the one with my head down looking for pennies.

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