Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Traffic From Traffic Exchanges

How valuable is the traffic you receive from using a traffic exchange site? This topic is very debatable in many circles. I, for one, have found the traffic to be very valuable. But, what is even more important is the contacts I am making by using different traffic exchange sites.

There are a lot of traffic exchanges which now have a side bar chat. You can surf for traffic while chatting with other members of the exchange. I have learned a lot of priceless information by watching, listening, and chatting with others.

I have been a member of Thumbvu for over a year. It is a unique traffic exchange where you can actually pick which site you view from 3 different "thumbnails". (Thus the name) A few months ago the owner, John Guanzon, added the chat feature to his site. I have always enjoyed surfing Thumbvu but now it is an even better. I can get credits for my sites while chatting with other Thumbvu members. It's called Social Networking and it Works!

If you are not a member of Thumbvu, I urge you to try it. You can even join for free.

free manual traffic exchange

Monday, April 18, 2011

Working In The Background

Busy, Busy, Busy, that is what the life of a true Internet Marketing has become. There is no working 1 hour a day and making $10grand a month. It just doesn't happen, at least, not for anyone I know personally. Recently, I have been revamping my advertising campaigns. I am trying to include all my money making and advertising resources in one opt in campaign. This will be an opt in for those who want to follow what I do online monthly to make a positive cash flow.

So, I'm still here. I am working diligently in the background. Tweaking, sorting, exploring, inventing, and brain storming. Stay tuned for interesting things to come.