Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prioritize Your Life

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last blog post. I have been debating, with myself, over what topic I wanted to write about. In my last post, I promised you more information on FREE MARKETING TOOLS. I have found some great marketing tools which I will share with you but today I want to write about setting the priorities in your life.

When I first started marketing on-line, I was searching for information on how to succeed. There is so much good and bad information on the Internet it takes hours, days, and even weeks to sort through the programs. My time on the computer increased by about 300%. I found myself wanting to spend every free second I could find looking over the information. Until one day my son, who is 4, said Mom please don't get on the computer. You see when his sister would go down for her afternoon nap, I would try to sneak another hour on the computer instead of spending quality time with him.

Talk about a "wake up call". I had long ago decided "MY WHY" for wanting to succeed with an on-line business. "My WHY" is my kids. I want to provide a better life, a higher quality of life for my kids. But, to a 4 year old little boy, all he wanted was my time. That was the day I decided while my kids were awake, I would not spend any, that's right not any, time on the computer.

You see my kids are my priority. What I can give them daily, may be even more important that what I can give them financially. I recommend that you figure out "YOUR WHY" then you will be able to prioritize your life correctly. You really need to know your reasons for all the hard work you do each day.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Marketing Tools

As I have been investigating Marketing Tools over the last 4 months, I have found some unique and valuable programs. Of course, there are some real clunkers out there too, so watch what you sign up to use.

The most valuable tool I use is FREE. This is social media or social networks. Facebook, Myspace and Twitter have been the sites of the past. But now, there is Peoplestring too. Peoplestring is a social network full of people looking to make money on the Internet. I don't care what you are marketing this network is full of eager patrons who want to earn a living on-line. No matter which networks you use, if you are genuine and friendly, this is the Best FREE Marketing you can get.

The next best tool I have found is an Instant Splash Page maker. A splash page maker is an easy way to make an advertisement linking to your primary page. They are short, to the point and used to GRAB the ATTENTION of your potential prospect. Instant Splash is the easiest and quickest to use. Plus, it makes a very nice branded page. A branded page is a page with your personal photo or logo. To brand yourself, you want to use the same photo or logo on all your advertising and marketing promotions. Besides branding, this program offers a mini auto-responder or you can use your own. They give you a site rotator and access to a free banner maker. Plus, you get a twice a day mailer for any people you may refer to Instant Splash.
I highly recommend this program. You can join as a FREE member or make more pages as an upgraded member. This is one program I definitely recommend the upgrade option.

I don't want to over load you with information in one posting. In my next blog post, I will cover more marketing tools.