Friday, August 20, 2010

Stick With Your Primary Business

It wasn't long ago I wrote a blog post about being loyal to one company. I am pretty sure I ranted a little bit about joining too many opportunities. I still believe this to be true. You need to find a PRIMARY BUSINESS and stick with it.

But since that post, I have learned a lot about Internet marketing. I learn more and more each day. I now believe it is very possible to be affiliated with more than one business. I am not talking about the usual affiliate marketing. If you are marketing on-line, you are more than likely doing some affiliate marketing yourself. It seems affiliate marketing is just the natural progression of becoming an Internet marketer. It is only natural that you will promote programs you use personally, especially if the company will pay you to do it.

What I am talking about is promoting more than one program. There is so much open space out here in Internet Land. There are tons and tons of people looking for an opportunity which will fit them. What appeals to one may not appeal to another. That is just normal. So, how do you decide what to promote and when? I am still a avid believer in having a Primary Business. No matter what else you may decide to do to earn some extra money, you need to have a Primary Business. Everything else you do should lead your prospects to your Primary Business in one way or another.

I am not saying go out and join every single program you see advertised. That will take your credibility level down low. But, if you find something besides your Primary Business which you think is a good fit for you, then make the decision which is best for you. This doesn't mean abandon your other business. As a matter of fact, if you work it correctly, this should help build your Primary Business. By building relationships in more than one area, you should be able to build your businesses, as well.

So, over the last few months, I have learned to keep an open mind. Look a little deeper. Investigate before taking action. And, try to work with the best in your field. All of these things may lead you on a path you didn't expect, like starting a new business endeavor. In the long run, stay focused on your primary goals and your primary business.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Time for Team Work

I try to do a little safe list marketing each day. Since I am not at the pay for advertising level yet, I need to do a little surfing each day to earn mailing credits. I was doing some surfing today and noticed something which had been bothering me for a while. Some people completely waste too much time writing their letters. My opinion is expressed in this GO ARTICLES submission. Check it out and see if you agree.

So today I was marketing my MPB site. This is the program I just joined a couple of days ago. At this point, I am getting close to cycling so it is really getting exciting. I usually don't join any matrix type programs but this one is explained well in the NUTS & BOLTS video on my website. If you have time, take a look and see what you think.

I got my first two referrals withing 12 hours of signing up for the program. Very good because two is all I ever need to be qualified for payments. Now, I want to concentrate on helping my two get their two. A little cylinder type system of support. If they succeed, so will I. I am making it my priority to make sure this happens. My first referral Warren has all ready got a nice website up and running. You can check out Warren's website by CLICKING HERE. My other referral, Pat, is using the company affiliate site. You can check out Pat's website by CLICKING HERE.

If you would like to join MPB, I would love to have you on my team. It is my job to make sure all members of my team succeed. We will be implementing a system of total support. We will be joining together a great group of marketers for the success of us all. Please join via one of my business partners links listed above.

For more marketing tips and strategies, check out My Website.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Promise of a One Time Investment

Are you ready to DREAM AGAIN? Do you DARE? I have recently been introduced to an opportunity which looks very promising, MPB Today. I looked at this about a week ago and passed on it. But recently, I was presented the opportunity again by someone I respect, Sherri Kirklin. Sherri has been marketing on-line for over 10 years so she has seen programs come and go. What, also, caught my interest was the videos made my master marketer, Terry Holker. I will have to admit it was Terry's videos which sold me on this opportunity. He is a very good presenter of facts and is quickly rising as one of the greats in Peoplestring.

It is always easier to invest when there is the promise of a ONE TIME out-of-pocket expense. No monthly fees to add to the ole credit card. Plus, with this program, for the investment you are making you will receive actual goods for the money. Stuff you really use. The company is putting it simply like this: Would you spend a one time out-of-pocket expense of $200 to totally eliminate your grocery bill? Well, heck ya! Who wouldn't? The REAL Question is: Do you believe it is possible? Watch Terry's VIDEO - The Nuts & Bolts of MPB.
If you are convinced the program can work, please come back to this page and join via my referral link. JOIN HERE I will look forward to working with you on my team.

For me, it is time to dream again. I have been working hard to build my on-line reputation. I mainly promote FREE opportunities to make extra cash. These programs work but they do take time. I am hoping this will add to my portfolio of good business ventures.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Mad Millions on Facebook

The public launch of My Mad Millions is not quite a week old. The general consensus from the game players I have spoken with is they do like the game. The concept of spending 300 Million Dollars is appealing to every one. Who doesn't want to live the life of the Rich and Famous, if only through a game. If you haven't heard about My Mad Millions, I am sure you will. This is a social networking game which is played on Facebook. If the game gains popularity, which I think it will, it will soon be a household name just like those other Facebook games.

The social gaming industry is a Billion Dollar Industry. It is no wonder the developers of My Mad Millions have agreed to pay you if you play the game. The only condition to get paid is you must be a member of Reward String. What is Reward String? It is a division of the social network Peoplestring. This division is allowing developers the ability to launch and track payment to players. This is the most unique launch I have seen for any new game. You have two social networking companies working together to launch one new game. What a brilliant marketing strategy.

The game itself: Spend 300 Millions Dollars and have nothing to show for it but the clothes on your back. Sound easy? Your spending ability is limited by your Energy Level, Stamina Level and Spending Power. These can all be increased as you get deeper in to the game or by getting Boosts from the other game players. You can spend your money by gambling, playing the stock market, traveling, battling other players, donating, and shop - shop - shopping. But remember, you can't have any assets at the end of the game. So you need to build an entourage so you can send them gifts. I am sure there are multiple strategies to playing this game. What it boils down to the game is fun. Isn't that what games are all about.

If you aren't playing yet, I would love to have you in my entourage. Just JOIN HERE. Register at Reward String and start getting paid to play.

Monday, August 2, 2010

FREE Money Is Good Money!

Yesterday I was going about my business and doing my daily method of operation. This includes logging on to a quick survey site and qualifying myself for the daily drawing. What a pleasant surprise it was to find out I had WON the daily drawing! An extra $100 in my pocket and all I did was answer some 3 question surveys each day. SWEEEEEEET!
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Sorry it is for USA ONLY at this time.