Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Mad Millions on Facebook

The public launch of My Mad Millions is not quite a week old. The general consensus from the game players I have spoken with is they do like the game. The concept of spending 300 Million Dollars is appealing to every one. Who doesn't want to live the life of the Rich and Famous, if only through a game. If you haven't heard about My Mad Millions, I am sure you will. This is a social networking game which is played on Facebook. If the game gains popularity, which I think it will, it will soon be a household name just like those other Facebook games.

The social gaming industry is a Billion Dollar Industry. It is no wonder the developers of My Mad Millions have agreed to pay you if you play the game. The only condition to get paid is you must be a member of Reward String. What is Reward String? It is a division of the social network Peoplestring. This division is allowing developers the ability to launch and track payment to players. This is the most unique launch I have seen for any new game. You have two social networking companies working together to launch one new game. What a brilliant marketing strategy.

The game itself: Spend 300 Millions Dollars and have nothing to show for it but the clothes on your back. Sound easy? Your spending ability is limited by your Energy Level, Stamina Level and Spending Power. These can all be increased as you get deeper in to the game or by getting Boosts from the other game players. You can spend your money by gambling, playing the stock market, traveling, battling other players, donating, and shop - shop - shopping. But remember, you can't have any assets at the end of the game. So you need to build an entourage so you can send them gifts. I am sure there are multiple strategies to playing this game. What it boils down to the game is fun. Isn't that what games are all about.

If you aren't playing yet, I would love to have you in my entourage. Just JOIN HERE. Register at Reward String and start getting paid to play.

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