Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can You Succeed In Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing? According to Wikipedia: "Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliates marketing efforts." In other words, you market a product for someone else and are then compensated when the product is used or purchased. This is a way for one person to build Multiple Income Streams without any or a minimal out of pocket expense. Can You Succeed In Affiliate Marketing? Here are some points to consider when choosing a program that is right for you.

Most companies do offer free memberships with an affiliate program. There is, also, usually an option to upgrade where as an affiliate you will make a higher percentage commission. Many programs even reward the affiliate through several levels. There are several things I look for when checking out affiliate marketing programs. As I am a beginning marketer, the cost of the program is always a primary focus - How much will it cost me to participate as an affiliate? As I mentioned, most programs offer a free affiliate a lesser commission than they do the paid members. What is the difference in the commission pay out and would it be worth my while to upgrade? This is where I look for a One Time - Lifetime Membership Fee. There are many programs that are now offering this option and if it is affordable, I will jump on this Lifetime Membership. You can't beat pay one time and continue to get paid for Life.

The next thing I look for is the compensation percentage level the company is paying to its affiliates. A standard good rate is 50% and anything above that is really good. On the other hand, anything below that is probably not worth your time. Remember, you are the one doing the marketing for this company and you should be rewarded for your time and effort.

More important compensation information is how many levels does the company pay its affiliates? If you can find a company which pays through 5 to 10 levels, you have found yourself a great money making opportunity. If you can use the power of numbers to leverage yourself in the marketing world, your success can be unbridled.

One more thing which is very important when deciding what affiliate program to market. Will you be paid one time or will you earn a monthly residual income from your marketing efforts. Of course, earning a monthly residual income should be your primary goal. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN: EARNING A MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME SHOULD BE YOUR PRIMARY GOAL. That is what all online marketers are trying to accomplish. Work hard today and get paid for your efforts tomorrow and beyond.

These are the key points you want to consider when you are deciding which affiliate marketing programs will be a right fit for you. If you pick some good programs and market them effectively, you can succeed in affiliate marketing. Now it is time to find a good Down Line Builder to make your marketing efforts much easier. Remember, you want to build Multiple Streams of Income and reap the benefits month after month.

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