Wednesday, June 16, 2010

F5M Club

Last week I was introduced to a company that has been around for 16 years. While surfing the traffic exchanges, I had seen the company splash pages but really hadn't paid any attention to them. I was introduced to the company by a fellow Peoplestringer, Warren Contreras. I have communicated with Warren in the forums at Peoplestring and have always found him to be analytical in his thinking. Warren sent me a brief direct message asking me if I would be interested in a $5 opportunity which could eventually build in to a nice income. Since this message was coming from Warren, it did peak my interest.

The company F5M Club has been around for 16 years. They are ranked in the Alexa rankings as one of the top 48,000 sites in the world and top 25,000 in the USA. (If you don't know what Alexa rankings are read this Article.) Other than mentioning it would only cost $5, there was no other information given out by Warren at this time. I replied to Warren and told him sure I would take a look. In his second communication, after I asked for information, was when he included a link directly to the sign up page of the $5 level. (Bronze) Well, as we all know, you can drop $5 pretty easily these days so I thought what the heck. I have taken the plunge to see where it will lead.

After viewing some of the information, I realized that Warren's marketing strategy is brilliant for this opportunity. By making personal contact with a few highly targeted people, his conversion rate is 7 out of 10. That is 70% which is unheard of in the networking business. I am following his lead and sending out personal messages to colleagues in different areas. I have received a 50% conversion rate. Not as good as Warrens but still a great rate in networking.

By using his good reputation at Peoplestring, Warren has converted some highly qualified people. This should be a lesson to everyone in marketing. First, it takes time to develop relationships and gain respect. Second, don't just blast your links at everyone, send out teasers and leave them wanting more information. Great lesson from a good on-line marketer. I am going to include the link to the video Warren made describing his thought process during this marketing campaign. Enjoy. Warren's Video

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  1. I guess I have a fan club started! Thank you Catherine for those glowing comments and I can back them up after seeing what you have done in such a short time. It all comes down to figuring out what people are REALLY looking for. Most are not even remotely interested in another opportunity, but if you frame it to solve another problem, it's a slam dunk. The problems in this case are discouraging monthly payments and wondering if it will ever pay at all, so that's what I focused on when I contacted you.