Sunday, June 13, 2010

Self Induced Insomnia

I am sitting here at midnight wondering why I am not in bed. I know my body and I need a good amount of sleep to function well the next day. I believe there are a couple of reasons leading to my recent insomnia.

First, there are a lot of marketing campaigns I need to plan and put in to action. As I mentioned in my recent article, there is always some one out there working harder than you. Since attending the webinar mentioned in the article, I have been trying to, at least, double my efforts daily. This is reason enough for my recent bout of insomnia but there is more.

The second reason I am resisting going to bed each night is the implementation of a 30 minute timer on the Pick Which Hand Game at Peoplestring. Yes, I know this may seem silly to you but every time I get ready to turn off the computer it is just a few more minutes until I can play again. How can I pass up these FREE people points. You see at Peoplestring people points turn in to cash at the end of the month. What a hook they have created by putting a 30 minute timer on this particular game. I know for a fact it is affecting other Peoplestringers sleep too. (Right Karla?)

So, here I am trying to kill two birds with one stone. I am writing a fresh post for my blog and waiting for the 4 minutes to expire so I can play the game. Whoop, Whoop - I won - 30 more people points!

I am going to bed now. And, I mean it this time.


  1. I don't know if you have a system there, but even though I haven't tracked it enough to be positive, I think it rotates between hands. I have a little marker between my two monitors to tell me which hand to pick the next time, then I flip it if I win. I THINK it's increasing my odds, but then again the whole deal may be rigged just to keep us coming back.

  2. Oh wow! Cathy you know I am just as obsessed as you. Not to mention that I never get to sleep before midnight because I am waiting for my free spin on the Wheel. What you say is so true. And as for anonymous that commented above, I used to think that if one of the man's hands bounced more than once when I passed the cursor under his hand that the quarter was always in that hand, but now it is not longer working for me every time. And I thought I was the only crazy person obsessed with this. Good to know there are others out there. Great blog Cathy!

  3. I am pretty sure it is all about the music.....Or maybe the glowing light in his cigar....Or maybe the way the neon light twinkles in the background....or maybe.....well you get the His evil laugh is just taunting enough to keep me wanting to beat him. :)