Friday, February 26, 2010

Losing Your Networking Credibility

This seems to be a trap most of us fall in to when we start our networking careers. You decide you believe in the concept of networking and now it is time to pick a company. Most of us probably join the first company which presented the concept of networking to us but then we failed miserably with that company. (That is to be expected since 97% of people in networking fail to build any type of income.) So, what now? You love the concept of network marketing and believe in your soul that it will work. This is where a lot of people mess up big time. When you start joining each and every company that comes along, you will totally lose your credibility with all people who know you. If you are promoting Company X this week and then Company Y next week, people will start running the other direction when they see you coming. It's called the NFL or No Friends Left league.

Not only will you lose your credibility with the people you know but what about the people who did believe you and joined your downline. What are they supposed to think now? They believed in you enough to join your team and now you are switching teams or are you just joining more than one team? See how confusing it can be. I actually had this happen to me recently. My leader in a Company P started promoting another company. I had seen the new company being promoted around different sites but I have to say I was surprised when I received a personal message from my leader promoting the new site. This made me think he wasn't as committed to Company P as I had thought he was originally. So, he lost a little credibility with me.

Now, I do want to say here, it is possible to be promoting more than one company if there is a funnel affect which leads back to your original company. With today's networking and traffic exchange site, it is quite possible to build an income from more than one place.

So where does this leave us? To keep your credibility, you should only promote one networking company. No this doesn't mean you can join one company promote it then join another company and promote it. YOU need to investigate the company and the product and only join if this is the company for you. Then promote, promote, promote and you will succeed. Your friends and your downline will thank you and appreciate what you have to say even more.

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