Friday, February 19, 2010

The Art of Marketing

At the young age of 10, I was asked to sell my first item to raise money for the school band. I suppose this was the start of my marketing career. Many years later, I am still marketing items but no longer door to door.
The "Art of Marketing" has become big business thanks to the age of the Internet. You may never see another person face-to-face and still make a nice living through this portal we call the web. There are thousands of so-called "gurus" out there that are willing to teach you how to market your merchandise. They usually give you a free ebook to get you started. Then, slip in the $29.95 Tell All Secret Book that you just have to have to succeed. Some of them make you feel like if you don't buy this ebook, then you will never know the secret. You want to know what I think? There is NO SECRET. Yes, you can quote me. Be sure to tell everyone you heard it here first. There is NO SECRET to marketing. There is NO MAGIC words you can use to get people to purchase your products. The truth to the matter is this: It's All About YOU! Think about it. Would you buy any product from someone you didn't like? Would you buy any product from someone you didn't trust? Would you buy any product from someone who might not be there tomorrow?
So, what does this mean for your marketing career? It is really quite simple. Become a likable, trustworthy, person of character who people can find if they need you. YOUR next question is "How do I do that?" Start by stopping. Stop pushing your product on every passer by you meet. Then, start developing a relationship with your potential customers. Become an expert in your field so potential customers will look to you for advice. Make your presence known where your potential customers hang out. It really is a matter of marketing yourself and not your product.
I have listed some general ideas to help you. Start today. Put that product down and pick up a mirror. Would you buy a product from yourself? That is the best place to start.


  1. Very good article I like it. I just started my home business full time 2 weeks ago and have had outstanding results just going to social gatherings and using rapport as a tool. I have picked up 2 stores and 5 prospects from 2 business cards. I firmly believe that your success is based on how you present yourself, your business, and your service, or product.


  2. I really like your principle. It has been my principle in marketing. You have to like your product first before endorsing them to others. In that case, you know the feeling of someone who buys something from you.

    And it is more fulfilling if you've got good feedbacks from the persons who've bought from you.