Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kooday - Is It For Real?

By now if you are surfing the Internet, I am sure you have heard of Kooday. They are claiming to be the next best search engine. Their goal is for you to be able to type in very specific search information and then find exactly what you want. That sounds cool. If I want a red convertible located in southern Illinois, I should be able to find it much faster.

But, the big DRAW to the company is they are going to revenue share by letting you have OWNERSHIP of Keywords. You start off by buying KeyWords. Now realize this is a bidding process. So, although, you may own a KeyWord, you can be out bid and it sold to another member. That is really okay because if that happens you make a 15% profit. If you own a KeyWord and someone links to it, you make 50% of the linking fee. Maximum linking fee is $15.

Now comes the important part. While you are buying and selling KeyWords, you are gaining Profit Share Credits. There are 3 levels of membership profit sharing. At the first level, you can own up to 50,000 profit shares. Once you reach this level, you then start earning Gold Credits. And the final level is a Diamond. Once you earn 5000 Gold Credits, you become a Diamond Member.

The way I understand it is this: The company is currently in beta phase. They plan to launch some time between the end of September and the end of October. It is very important to earn as many Profit Share Credits as you can until that time. When the company launches, they will take a snap-shot of your level in Kooday. From that point on you will receive a monthly Snap-shot bonus. From the information I have heard, this will be a very substantial bonus especially for Gold and Diamond members.

Truthfully, I don't expect them to be able to produce the numbers they are throwing around. But, I know for sure I am not going to be caught sitting on the side line on this one. If they can produce 1/4 of what they are claiming, I will be a very happy Kooday member.

If you are not a member yet, Click Here and get started buying Keywords. Contact me personally and I will send you some Instructional Videos to help you get started. Send me an email at and just ask for the Kooday Videos.
Kooday is free to join and then you will need to fund your account with Kooday Dollars. They are accepting Paypal now but will only be accepting AlertPay in the near future. If you don't have an AlertPay account, get one by clicking the link in the right hand column.

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  1. Hell yeah it's awesome. I am currently making 1000 dollars of off 5 bucks investment and will receive over 250.000 over a period of several years... damn cool. :)