Monday, March 22, 2010


Has it happened to you? You finally find the opportunity you were looking for and suddenly you become OVERWHELMED. There are many things that can Overwhelm a person. The main thing is finding the time to promote your new opportunity. If you are like me, your spare time is limited. I find myself staying up later so I can work online to promote my new opportunity. This, of course, makes me even more Overwhelmed as I am tired the next day.

Last week I decided I can't do it all. I have grown my personal referrals to a respectable level. So now, I want to help those referrals grow their personal business. I have been concentrating on helping each referral "Brand Themselves" and start their own promotions online. This has included building "Landing Pages" and "Banners", with a quick lesson in promoting on "Traffic Exchange Sites". Plus, a short tutorial on how to build your Facebook and Twitter friends list. Because with today's online presence, social media is still the best FREE advertising a person can receive.

So, this week, I am feeling much better about myself. It's only Monday but I all ready feel, as if, I have accomplished more today than I did all of last week. It has been said over-and-over if you help others succeed, your success will follow. Well, I am here to tell you, besides that well known fact, it really feels good. So, Stop what you are doing and HELP YOUR TEAM. Maybe the good feelings you get will make you feel not so Overwhelmed. It worked for Me!

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