Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thumbvu - Thumb Nail Surfing

I started using Thumbvu to create some traffic to my sites over 6 months ago. I really like this traffic exchange site. It is quite a unique surfing style compared to other traffic exchange sites. They have what they call thumb nail surfing. This is how it works, instead of just randomly having a new site come up each time, you will receive 3 thumb nails in the upper left hand corner of your screen. This is a thumb nail impression of 3 different site. You then click on the thumb nail of the site you want to view next. This is a unique concept you will only find at Thumbvu. The fact the viewer has picked your site increases the chances they will take action on the pages they view.

What else is quite valuable at Thumbvu is the ability to connect with other members via their social media sites. Thumbvu has integrated your profile with the ability to list the other social media sites you use. You can update your profile and other members of Thumbvu can connect with you via those social media sites. I have made some valuable contacts by sending friend invites to others who are members at Thumbvu.

Another feature of Thumbvu is the ability to surf from your mobile devices. Now you can surf anywhere, anytime that is convenient for your. I don't know of any other traffic exchange that allows you to do that.

All and all, it is still one of my favorite traffic exchanges to use on a daily basis. The owner John Guanzon has is ear to the ground and listens to what the membership base is saying. He continues to try and make Thumbvu a pleasant and productive surfing experience for its membership base. I highly recommend Thumbvu as a place to generate traffic, develop your own mailing list, and establish business connections. You can join as a free member and kick the tires around or take advantage of the one time offer you will receive during the initial sign up process. Join Here and I will see you on the inside.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words Catherine! And you are right, thumbvu is the only te at the moment that gives you the freedom of being able to surf anywhere anytime!

    - John Guanzon
    Admin/Owner -