Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pre-Launch Events

If you do any on-line marketing at all, you have been exposed to the announcement of a PRE-LAUNCH EVENT. As a matter of fact, it seems there is something in pre-launch every other day. I do a lot of surfing and safe list marketing and the constant exposure to a pre-launch event has taken the excitement out of it. Well, at least that is what I used to think.

Guess what? My primary business, Peoplestring, is having a pre-launch event. Wow, this changes everything. You can feel the anticipation, from the other members, on the site. This is, actually, a very fun and a very exciting time.

I have never participated in a pre-launch before so I did not know what to expect. Now I can see why there are so many individuals out there promoting a launch for their specific company. This is EXCITING! I think the way Peoplestring is promoting this is fantastic. First stage of pre-launch was available only to the Peoplestring members. That's it. You had to be a member of Peoplestring to hear anything about this promotion. This ended on July 5th.

Now, the second stage of pre-launch has began. The members of Peoplestring are to very gently and discretely start putting the word out. There is a big news coming for the company. The company will be starting a division called Reward String. What is Reward String? *Realizing that there is an exploding industry of Social Games and Mobile Applications; PeopleString Corporation needed a mechanism to allow the many developers an enticement to use our system to launch and/or maintain the use of their games and applications. PeopleString would then be able to use these games and these applications to recruit and drive traffic to “The String”. What Reward String will provide to these developers is the database management they need to fulfill their rewards program.* In other words, Peoplestring is providing a mechanism for its members to be able to capitalize on the social gaming industry, as well as, many other opportunities in the future.

Anyone will be able to join Reward String as a FREE member after pre-launch. At this time, during the stage 2 promotion, you can join as an Entrepreneur member and receive a higher commission level than a free member. Plus, a bonus of 500 guaranteed members for your string. I have never heard of any company guaranteeing you members for you down line until now. This level of the pre-launch is only available until July 15th. After that, you may still be able to upgrade but you will not receive the 500 guaranteed members.

I guess you can see why the excitement is in the air. If you are an opportunity seeker, with an eye for a fantastic program, this could be for you. Here is the invitation as we are allowed to send out at this time:

Catherine(catherinedwhite) has referred you to the pre-registration of
Reward String so you can "Get Paid to Play Games!"

Click the link below to pre-register for Reward String

If you have any questions, contact me at catherinedwhite@peoplestring.com.

*information provided by Bruce Van Heel, Peoplestring Marketing Office

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