Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nothing I Hate More Than OTO's

Joining a new program can be fun but there is nothing I hate more than getting the OTO (one-time-offer) before you are even know information about the program you are joining. I guess we are just supposed to take it on blind faith that the program being offered is something we can't live without. Wouldn't it be better to give us a sneak peak before you start trying to get in to our wallets? I know this has turned me off a few program and I just didn't join at all.

What's, also, annoying is when the OTO becomes a series of 3 or 4 more chances at the same offer. If you say ONE TIME, then please only offer it ONE TIME. The fact you call me names or tell me I am passing a fabulous deal will not change my mind. What will change my mind is getting a look at Quality Content. Show me something I can use and then maybe I will be willing to make a purchase.

There's an idea: Offer a price, show the product, and then give the OTO. I want to know what I am purchasing before I commit my hard earned cash to a program. Just my opinion, what do you think?


  1. Too true. It is Panic Buying!!! Most of the time it was unnecessary until I figured out the program, and as I get good at it the OTO runs out....

  2. I could not agree with you more! What other purchase do you use that kind of logic with? Do you go to buy a pair of shoes and they won't bring them out of the back room until you pay for them? Then you try them on and they are ugly as sin or pinch your feet! Imagine buying a car that way! Sorry, but this one DOES really irritate me. And as you said, when they do it three times I may just close the page and walk away.

    All three of my core programs offer a trial period of 10-14 days. Pay nothing unless you like the product. You even get to use all of the features first. The admin that makes me this offer believes in his product or service and doesn't need to pry my wallet open before the peep show.

    Good post Cathy. I strongly agree!

    Karla Cross

  3. I totally agree with you. My pet peeve, once you tell them you are not interested then they show you offer 2 and then offer 3. That is really frustrated. When I say NO, I mean NO.

    We should be able to view the site before we upgrade. I love OTO but when it is good for me. I am more careful with my money, I have to make good marketing decision. I want to know what the site is all about and what it can do for me. I do not like to throw money down the drain. I think they would get more people to sign up if we could have like one day preview.

    That is my take on it.

    Veronica Smith

  4. Cathy, I think its very annoying of new programs you just joined and know nothing about to offer you one-time upgrade offers right as you log-in, It really lets you know that company is after 1 thing only: your wallets. Tells you "Who cares about your success just give us your money now or I make it cost more." Just had this happen to me yesterday checking out a ctp te program. Go Figure.. I just don't back up or promote anything where I believe the main attention is you = another number.

    How stupid does some of these admins think we are again?

    Thats my 2 cents on it.


  5. I completely agree!! I don't even read them I just find the NO! button as fast as I can - I'm not going to pay for something if I don't know what it is nor am I going to fall for some limited time only act now marketing tactics!

    I'd rather skip the oto and see what it is and if it's worth the upgrade, even if it ends up costing me more..