Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GetBuxToday - 8 Days After Launch

8 Days after Brian Rooney, the co-owner of Traffic Wave, shocked the Internet Marketing World by launching a Pay To Click (PTC) Site, where is the program now? GetBuxToday has 24,000 members and the site has paid out $6283 at the time I am writing of this blog post. Not bad for a weeks worth of work.

For those of you who may not know, Traffic Wave is a well established online business which has been operating for over 10 years. Brian Rooney is a well respected marketer and businessman. This is obvious by the response to the launch of his PTC Program GetBuxToday. Many people who usually shy away from PTC programs are jumping on board this one. That includes me. As soon as I heard Brian Rooney was the owner, I couldn't join fast enough. Of course, the fact he was giving away free 30 day premium upgrades to the first 5000 members was pretty good motivation, as well.

I want to point out, there are PTC sites popping up all over the place. Please take due diligence and investigate before joining any new programs. If you find one with an owner like Brian Rooney, then jump in with both feet. Otherwise, use caution and make sure the program is legitimate or has been operating successfully for some extended period of time. The test of time is one of the best variables when recognizing a solid program.

It looks like Pay To Click Programs are here to stay. These are slow growing money makers which will pay off for those people who are persistent and use a renting referrals strategy. If that is you, then jump on board with a proven owner at GetBuxToday.

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