Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 2nd - 1 Year Anniversary

December 2nd is my 1 Year Anniversary with my main business opportunity, Peoplestring. I don't really like calling it a business opportunity because then people set their expectations too high and quit before the program gets a chance to work for them.

What I like telling everyone about Peoplestring is this: It is a great Social Portal to the Internet. You can put all your favorite sites on your front page. For now, you can access them via a link. Very soon, you will be able to organize your favorites on tabs across the top or compile all your favorites to view via a widget. The new Social Portal will be launching very soon and I have to tell you it is pretty Awesome. This cool new patented technology will have everyone wanting Peoplestring as their Social Portal to the Internet.

Oh yeah, and then there is this: It's Free to Join & they pay you to use it. This is where people get confused. They think you can jump on board and make thousands of dollars in a months time. That just isn't going to happen. What will happen is you will make a minuscule amount of cash from your own efforts. When people see how little they make personally, they stop using the site.

Then WHY is Peoplestring my main business? YOU HAVE TO SEE THE BIG PICTURE! This is a long term project. I use the Internet every day. I have to have a starting point. Why not use a starting point that is going to share their revenue with me? THINK LONG TERM. Peoplestring pays its FREE MEMBERS 6 Levels Deep. So you can make money on everyone who joins your string. I am no master marketer and after 1 year I have 627 people in my string. If I can teach a handful of people the power of this system, then the sky is the limit. If you want to see the potential power of this marketing program, read more by >>CLICKING HERE<<< Here you can find an actual demonstration of how the power of mini transactions can produce a HUGE Monthly Income.

I have one year in with this company. They have produced on every promise and delivered the goods each time. There are some very exciting developments coming soon: the new Social Portal will launch, Reward String is adding new products, the People Products Division is getting ready to start beta testing, and the company stock will soon be trading. That's a lot of stuff happening to make this company even stronger over my next year.

Want to give me an Anniversary Present? JOIN MY TEAM! I will teach you the power of the program and how to get referrals on your team.
I am so looking forward to the next few years with this social networking pioneer they call Peoplestring.

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