Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mass Recruiting Is The Wrong Method - Try This

Unless you are lucky enough to find a large group of self-motivated, business-minded referrals, then mass recruiting is the wrong method to achieve success. My main business is Peoplestring. Since Peoplestring is Free to join, it is quite easy to get people to create an account at the social network. The problem is they create their account and then never use it. Since Peoplestring is driven by advertising revenue, it is important to keep an active membership base. So, lots of accounts without usage are not helpful in building your personal revenue.

The best way to succeed is to bring in a handful of referrals which you can personally train to duplicate a successful system. This is very achievable at the Peoplestring social network.

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  1. You made a good strong statement there, Too many people expect instant results and do not consider, learning & growth, I think People String is a great Community and more people should adapt your methods instead of searching for the magic button.